About us

The oldest family-owned numismatics company in the Netherlands!
We are a long-standing family company that is rich in tradition. In 1880, great-grandfather Jacob Schulman, an antiquarian based in Amersfoort, established a sales list for coins and medals. In 1902 he moved to Amsterdam where his sons André and Maurits carried on the family business. André’s son Jacques Schulman and his wife Leny, subsequently succeeded in building the company’s international reputation. In the late 1960s the company was further strengthened when their sons Robert and Laurens got involved.

Laurens Schulman BV
After Jacques and Leny retired, the company Jacques Schulman BV ceased trading, but in 1987 Laurens Schulman and his wife Carla founded a company in Bussum: Laurens Schulman bv, which is still our company today.

In 1988 Laurens and Carla organised the first auction under their own name, which was held at Hotel Jan Tabak in Bussum. Today, Laurens Schulman bv is based in Harderwijk rather than Bussum and the firm is mainly focused on selling products online and participating in fairs.

5 generations of numismatics
Since 2014 Yvette Schulman – Laurens and Carla’s daughter – has also been on board, making her the fifth generation of the Schulman family in the business!

Jacob Schulman


Maurits Schulman


André Schulman


Jacques Schulman


Laurens Schulman